Episode 549 – 5 Years Later, Twenty Years Later, Ten Years Later!

It’s a holiday weekend, and a good time for a trip in the time bubble! Next week, we start looking at the 5YL run, again! First, though, let’s take a look at the first time we did that, nearly ten years ago. Next week, you’ll see how our views have perhaps changed, evolved, or remained the same! For now, hear what we thought of the first three issues of the run, way back then!

One thought on “Episode 549 – 5 Years Later, Twenty Years Later, Ten Years Later!

  1. Hi all.
    Nice to hear this ‘pre-Crisis’ version of your coverage of these issues, looking forward to your ‘reboot’ coverage of the same issues starting next week!

    A couple of thoughts: The attack on Jo in issue 2 was a masterclass in poor timing. The attack failed because, as Jo says, he doesn’t drop his invulnerability needlessly. Yet just a few panels earlier, he was shaving, so he must have dropped his invulnerability then. If those assassins had dropped their bomb just a little earlier…

    The comment in issue 3 about the “Takron-Galtos Shuffle” is a much darker comment than you realised at the time. I imagine it’s a reference to the old saying “dancing the Tyburn jig” which was a euphemism for a public hanging at Tyburn (near Marble Arch in central London) when the hanged man would thrash about while being strangled, thus putting on a good show for the crowds!

    The 5YL Legion was when I started reading the book regularly, albeit later on during the ‘new reader friendly’ Legionnaires SW6 series. But I did soon go back to pick up earlier issues and was both swamped and sucked in simultaneously.
    I’m looking forward to hearing you give a good comprehensive coverage of this era, with the 2995 Sourcebook and Tom Beirbaum’s blog at the ready.
    But don’t forget the loose-leaf Who’s Who series from this period. It contained lots of background info on the characters and stories that wasn’t covered in the comic.

    Cheers all

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