Episode 550 – Five Years Later…

Darren, Michael, Jim, and Paul take a deep dive into Legion of Super Heroes issue 1. What has become of the Legion since the end of the Magic Wars? Listen here and find out!

One thought on “Episode 550 – Five Years Later…

  1. Hi guys
    My random thoughts for this episode:
    I LOVE 70s MARVEL. Invaders was the first American comic I ever read (and why not? It had these amazing characters called Spitfire and Union Jack – how could I pass that up?) I bought that series as new off the stands right up to 1979 when the “Marvel Implosion” happened.
    Yes, I read that great TwoMorrows book too but never realised until reading it that Marvel suffered an Implosion too. But in hindsight it is obvious.
    But I think the main reason why 70s Marvel is so good is Roy Thomas. Steve Englehart is quoted saying Roy’s philosophy as Editor in Chief was “Here’s a book. Do what you like. Just meet your deadlines and make it sell. If you don’t, you’re fired!”
    It just created that wonderful sense of anarchy and creative freedom that gave us the Jim Starlin and Steve Gerbers of this world.

    But back to DC and the Legion.
    Good news about the Grell Kickstarter. I’m getting the PDF of Maggie the Cat. I wanted to up my bid and get the Legion Sketchbook & cards but the postage to Britain on top of the bid was too much. Ah well…

    Liked the Superboy discussion. Yes, Superboy’s continuity didn’t change much between his first appearance in 1945 and Crisis, although it was fun to see that in his first run in More Fun Comics, Clark didn’t wear glasses. Of course, the fact that the Earth 2 Superman never had a Superboy career does mean that Superboy can officially be unequivocally crowned the earliest Earth 1 series.

    Okay, I didn’t jump on the Legion train until a couple of years later, but I look back now at those early 5YL stories and have to ask, really, how much of a jump it really was? The final issues of the Levitz run were heavily Giffen influenced with very mature Legionnaires (Bouncing Boy’s porn-tasche?) and the devastation at the end of Magic Wars leaves a world not dissimilar to that which we find ourselves in in Legion 1.

    Signing off now with one last thought. Is it a coincidence that Michael’s signal started breaking up right when he mentioned the name Calamity King?

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