Episode 551 – Five Years Later Issue 2: Jo Sells Some Silverale

The Subs talk about issue 2 of vol 4, the 5YL series. Where’s Ultra Boy been and what’s he been doing. You’ll find all of that out here! Also, spoilery (if not ending revealing) discussion of Avengers: Endgame. Don’t worry, we save it until the end, and we’ll give you plenty of notice.


3 thoughts on “Episode 551 – Five Years Later Issue 2: Jo Sells Some Silverale

  1. Can I Buy Ambien Online Hiya Zolpidem Uk Buy Online Guess I’m partly behind the times again as I will have to finish this episode at a later date after I’ve seen ‘Endgame’. https://dolly.nl/5bnahk1x4 But as to the rest of the episode. Well yes, you’re getting letters: Garth is Dead and Proty Lives. Don’t let anyone tell you different. That list of names of subversives that Circe is checking – it’s not the last time we’ll hear some of them. A couple of them turn up in the Dominator mind wipe tanks in issue 27 (alongside Karate Kid II and Absorbency Boy). But the one thing that screamed out at me when I re-read this issue? And I can’t believe you overlooked it. Check out that Daily Planet article on page 2. Jo is a spokesman for the “Straight Buddies of Rimbor”? Seriously…What? Back next week…

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