One thought on “Episode 552 – 5 Years Later Part 3: Blokked!

  1. This issue is a little like wine tasting.
    If you pour one out for a dead Legionnaire, Blok, do you then have to spit it out again for the resurrected Mon-El?

    Buying Zolpidem Have to query the suggestion that this run really dishonoured the post-Silver Age Legion.
    I get that Blok and, to a similar degree, Wildfire, White Witch and Dawnstar weren’t well served by this run, but Invisible Kid II was a very key player and, shut yo’ mouth, they even did well with Tyroc!
    But, hey, what do I know? the first issue of this particular run I bought featured such well known names as Emerald Dragon, Wave, Virus and, Grife help me, B-5! “All Grows in Sunshine and Wilts in Worry” is becoming my mantra of the moment. It’s already starting to p— off my wife!

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