Episode 604 – 5YL Part 30, Terra Mosaic Part 4: Sun Boy Sizzles Like a Sausage!

https://www.trespeons.com/2023/12/20/33g24ye The Subs are joined by Thomas Lanese as they look at Sun Boy’s vision of history, and terrifying reflections!

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2 thoughts on “ https://www.thiswildlifeofmine.com/0jy9uuj Episode 604 – 5YL Part 30, Terra Mosaic Part 4: Sun Boy Sizzles Like a Sausage!

  1. https://www.thiswildlifeofmine.com/ou5us211cp0 2 hours and 43 minutes!?! You darn right Alan Bo is gonna kill you! “Bang, Bang! Take that, see?!?” Kept me up past my bedtime! All joking aside, that was a good episode with good discussion and good background information. (But hey, where’s the issue number in the title? lol ). I vaguely remember this comic and that stark cover from back when I was in grad school in ’92. I certainly don’t remember thinking that I would stop reading the Legion at that point. On the contrary, I was rather impressed with the story. One question though: Did Michael really stop with issue 28? Or did he continue on?

  2. https://tranchedebois.com/6o4t1nd Hi guys. https://www.pageofjoy.com/ef0c3ckv I loved this issue. Sun Boy’s fall from grace was very believable and I do have to wonder how many of us would do different if it were one of us in that food queue and someone showed us a way out of that. Especially if it was just one tiny step at a time down that dark road. https://www.thiswildlifeofmine.com/z41zpwu1j I did have a thought about the Durlan nanny. What if she wasn’t a Durlan? Given Dad’s behaviour, I can imagine a very high turnover of different nannies. So baby Dirk probably remembers it as a nanny with lots of faces. His addled brain rationalises it as them being a single Durlan.