Episode 605 – 5YL Part 31 Issue 29, The Terra Mosaic Part 5: Poom! Padoom and Doooooom!

Buy Xanax Cod Saturday Delivery The Subs are joined by Matthew Elmslie (The Legion Abstract and Time Beacon on timetravelnexus.com) to discuss the rising action of the rebellion against the Dominators in issue 29 of the 5YL run. Lots of discussion about what is happening in the story, as well as what a run like this means for the comics industry then and now.


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  1. Buy Diazepam Online With Mastercard Hi guys I’m not so sure the Zero Hour reboot was 100% inevitable. It might have been possible if the writers had doubled-down on the SW6 Legionnaires and made them the main players rather than in the side book. But it would have taken Superman-office style editorial control to ban the use of the older Legionnaires (after giving them a good swan song) and concentrate all attention on the SW6 team on New Earth. https://curtidospinos.com/en/leather-cord/qv28qk92 So, yeah, retiring main characters and replacing them with clones. Nothing could possibly go wrong with that idea.

    In a similar vein… Another story that fell down a bad hole so bad it needed an almost-reboot to fix it? I give you Teen Tony in Iron Man.

    As to Legion 29. There’s one little bit that nagged at me. The bit in the text pages about the flight rings and how they were nullified by Nemesis Kid in the Khund Invasion. I had a look back in Adventure 247 and saw no reference to this at all. Was it the Bierbaums’ way of explaining why the Legion chose to use those flying platforms for no apparent reason? (Still doesn’t work though as Light Lass still said “Good thing I’ve still got my flight ring” after her platform was destroyed.)