Episode 607 – 5YL Part 33 Annual 3 Terra Mosaic Part 7: Full Moon Fever

The Subs are joined by Al Sedano as they discuss The first half of Annual 3, in which Timber Wolf makes his way back to the 20th Century!

2 thoughts on “Episode 607 – 5YL Part 33 Annual 3 Terra Mosaic Part 7: Full Moon Fever

  1. Hi guys
    Little bit of Legion news if listeners are quick of the mark. There’s a comiXology sale that includes all their Legion issues. It even includes issue 1 of the current series and the two Millennium issues. So I was able to pick up both of them for 79p each. Pretty much what they were worth really.

    So. Annual 3. A good attempt by Al Gordon. He seems to do well at character stuff – especially with Jo and Kent. But I’m not so keen on his plotting. I found the Timber Wolf solo segment to be completely unremarkable. (Please tell me you’re not going to devote 5 episodes to the Timber Wolf mini-series?!)
    Given how awful the mini was, It’s quite laughable to read all that stuff about how Brian was destined to become such a “pivotal” 20th Century hero that he’d be well remembered 1000 years later.
    I liked your comments about how Brin’s 20th Century legend didn’t exist until he actually went back in time. It could mean that his accidental return in the next Annual changed history again, reducing Brin’s historical legend from ‘pivotal’ to ‘footnote’.
    Cheers all

  2. All:

    Way back in Episode 561, I believe, you read my iTunes review. Good grief, it sounded way more negative than I intended. (BTW, my reviewer name was a too-clever-by-half reference to the book “Hero With a Thousand Faces” and not “A One Thousand Faces” as it was read.) But I hope that you all understood that I LOVE the show and would have given you 10 stars if I could have. In fact, yours is the only comics-themed podcast that I listen to now (unless Uncle Sal is on Comic Geek Speak). Even though I’ve never met any of you, you are like old friends who take a little time out to hang out and share something you love with the rest of the world.

    I’m behind on my listening, but here are some random thoughts and whatnot that have been on my mind for however long:

    – Whenever Paul or anyone spells out L.E.G.I.O.N. on the show, I want to reply “M-O-U-S-E” (a way-too-old pop culture reference to be sure.)

    – As a recovering high school English teacher, love the attention to the grammar paid during Michael’s “Legion History” segment — or is that will have been going to have loved it?

    – Like Paul, I too agree that any references to Superboy, are to SuperMAN when he was a BOY — but I can live the the newest iteration.

    – Loved the expressive reading of FYL Issue 30 by Derek Binns.

    – If you ever need a college-professor guest to add absolutely nothing to your show, I’m your man.

    I want to close by saying that I really appreciated Darren’s message during the opening of the June 1 podcast. It was timely and well-considered. It is good that society is finally recognizing that the struggles — physical, emotional, psychological — of black people in the country we have loved more than it’s loved us back are not, nor have ever been, dreams, hoaxes or imaginary stories. It’s a shame that it took such a tragedy to get society to listen.

    Keep on doing what you do.

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