Episode 632 – Justice League Adventures 28: Future Imperfect

The Subs take a look at the Justice League and Legion Crossover story in Justice League Adventures 28, now reprinted in the Justice League Unlimited Time After Time Collection. The League and the Legion face the threat of Kilg%re in Future Imperfect.

4 thoughts on “Episode 632 – Justice League Adventures 28: Future Imperfect

  1. Hi guys
    This is new to me. I haven’t read this story before. I must look for it on Comixology.
    Got to pick you up on one thing. They weren’t heavily into the Threeboot, as you said, when this came out. It was still the Archies, albeit at the tail end of the Abnett/Lanning era.

  2. https://www.diynow.net/sg59qdbnw Just a thought to follow up the “Rushmore” discussion and I have another name to throw at you. Paul mentioned Jeff Moy in the original discussion because he had such a long run on the Reboot era. But as much as I love him, he falls into the “Mike Grell” category – out from under the shadow, but following on. I give you Chris Sprouse – the designer of the Legionnaires look during 5YL that was retained for the Reboot.

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