One thought on “Episode 651 – Event Theatre: Eclipso The Darkness Within Yada Yada Part 2

  1. Hey guys,

    I enjoyed Episode 651. A couple of things:

    When you riffed on “I can’t believe Geoff Johns made Jeckie a snake,” I had to share some more: I Can’t Believe Geoff Johns…
    …killed off Karate Kid, Invisible Kid, Fate, Aquaman’s baby, and the Doom Patrol.
    …put Baby in a corner!
    …was Keyser Soze the whole time!
    …turned Lois Lane and the Punisher into Black people!
    …cast Jessica Alba as a blonde character!
    …canceled Gotham Academy!
    …pushed Jack off that floating door, even though there was CLEARLY enough room for both of them!
    …stole the publishing rights to the name “Captain Marvel” away from the real Captain Marvel!
    …made us believe Spider-Man was a clone for all those years!

    Man, what a jerk!

    Also, when you read out the names of the creators during the Yada Yada, you mentioned my dear friend Charles Barnett III. Charles inked 20 pages of that Deathstroke annual and about 8 pages of Eclipso:TDW #2. A few hours after I listened to the episode, I met up with Charles and told him that you dropped his name. I even played the pertinent part of the podcast, and he was tickled pink! He then regaled me with stories of the old days, which is really beneficial to him these days. You see, Charles was recently diagnosed with the double-whammy of Parkinson’s disease and early-onset Alzheimer’s, which has played havoc with his life and livelihood. Any recognition, however tangential, of the good old days, jump-starts his memory and makes him happy. So thanks to you for making at least two old guys happy today!

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    David Foster
    Woodstock, NY

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